The Hero’s Journal- One Week Review

Having been on many adventures (with many more to come), I’ve always needed a good outlet to share my stories, whether that’s through blogging, drawing, or social media. Journaling seems to be the perfect fit, and with The Hero’s Journal, not only can you share your stories to look back on, but also plan your new adventures and goals.

Before we dive into my personal thoughts on the journal, I want to share a few interesting facts about it and what makes it so unique compared to other journals.

First off, let’s discuss the physical nature of the book. It has an amazing feel and texture to it. I’m not exactly sure what the material is made of, but it feels like some type of cloth or fabric. It features a hard cover underneath the cloth material, ensuring you won’t crease or damage it easily. On the front cover and side of the journal, you can find a golden sword embroidered onto the journal. The journal also features an elastic band to keep it shut, which also serves as a way to store your pen. Alongside the elastic band, the journal has a yellow bookmark strand to help keep track of which day or page you’re currently on. As for the pages themselves, the journal features bleed-proof pages, meaning you can use colored pencils, markers, ink, etc. to color in the pages or just simply write without having the ink bleed through. There are several different color options to choose from for your journal (Dragonfire Red, Wildwood Green, Mountain Grey and Royal Purple). I decided to go with Dragonfire Red, but you can choose from any of those options.

Moving on, The Hero’s Journal serves as a great organizer/ agenda. Featuring a daily to-do list and timed planner on each page, you can ensure that you’ll stay organized throughout the day. The to do list has three bullet points to “seize the day”. Basically you think of your three most important tasks to complete for that day and write them down. When you complete each task, you check it off of the list. The timed planner is a list from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., and you just write what you need to get done throughout the day in their respective time slots. Each page features a section to write what you’re most grateful for, keeping you focused on the positive things throughout your day, and there is a section at the bottom of the page to write out your allies and obstacles, keeping your head straight with what hinders or helps you for your quest. Speaking of quest, let’s move on to the next topic.

The Hero’s Journal structures your life or journey by use of the hero’s journey. You can live your life like any movie or book icon, using a three act story structure. Act one contains the call to adventure, refusal of the call, and supernatural aid. Act to consists of crossing the threshold, road of trials, approach, ordeal, reward, magic flight, and the return. Act three deals with resurrection and resolution with the freedom to live. This is the basic “hero’s journey” structure, but the journal simplifies it just a bit. As you progress through your journey through this journal, the illustrations change to match your part of the adventure. There are also periodic reflection sections to reflect on your journey.

Now that we’ve discussed what truly makes this journal unique compared to other journals, let’s break down my actual thoughts on this product, starting with the pros.

First off, this journal is top quality in terms of design. I love the texture , I love the thickness of the paper inside and the fact that it looks and feels like something an adventurer would actually carry around. My favorite part about the outside of it, apart from it being red (my favorite color) is the gold swords. I love swords, and it feels like this journal really belongs to me by showing that off. Most journals I’ve had have come from places like Walmart. That’s not saying that notebooks or journals from stores like that are bad, but you really get what you pay for. Sure you could pay a couple dollars for a notebook, or you could pay $35 to $50 dollars for one of these and actually recieve something worthy of a review in the first place.

Moving on, I love the illustrations. It keeps you entertained while you write, as if you’re actually living in a storybook. With so many different characters (each with their own names, designs, and characteristics/ symbols) everything is created with a purpose in these drawings. Not only are the illustrations amazing, but you’re actually able to color in the drawings, personalizing your journal even further. I still have yet to color in my drawings, in fact I’ll get to that after writing this, but the fact that you can do that brings up my thoughts on this journal even further.

If I had to note one thing I wish could be improved on with this journal, it would be the amount of room given to write. I love writing, it’s the whole reason why I have this blog in the first place. 1/6th of the page is given to free-write. I do have this website to write whatever I want, but when buying this journal I was really expecting more room to physically write. The actual page design is still amazing, and besides the timed schedule, I like everything being where it is. If it was up to me, I would remove the schedule and add more room for notes and writing.

Overall, this journal is does a great job for what it’s made to do. Even with my one complaint, it was intended to be more of a planner than a notebook, meaning I can’t take off points for it being something of its own. I would give this journal a ten out of ten. I highly recommend it to any hero or adventurer out there